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Being a 24/7 locksmith in London can be an interesting job, and a little bit of a challenge. Asaf Galon, owner of UK Locksmiths, has been many years in this industry and can tell us all about it. “The advantage (of London) is that it is a big city, so there is business for everybody, and is full of interesting people from all over the world”, said Galon. This security expert is always expressing his love for the city, and is thankful for all the people that make his job stimulating. However, according to Galon, the disadvantage of London, as a big city, is the traffic. City traffic, admits this 24/7 locksmith from London, gets worse when kids go to school and get back home in the afternoon. And, even at night, the people who get up to work the “graveyard shifts” find late-night traffic in the streets. According to Galon, he has plenty of crazy and amazing stories from “everyday locksmithing”… “Once I had to go to pick up an old lady from A&E to drive her home and open the lock for her as well”, told UK Locksmiths’ owner, taking pride on his job. Because, as a business owner in a big city, he gets to help many people with a plethora of lock and key-related issues, like getting locked out of their homes, or losing their keys, for example. And, when you’ve been as many years in the job as Galon has, you get to meet many people who need your services, but also need you to be there for them. That’s why Galon is not just a Locksmith: he’s also a security expert. He knows locks, and he knows that, sometimes, the only thing between you and a burglar is your door –and the lock that secures it. About two months ago, Galon answered a call. It was a supposed estate agent who lost the keys of a property, and was asking him to open the door and replace the lock. Once he got there, there was’t anybody around. The lady called and told him on the phone that she was on the way. He waited there for half an hour, and every time he called her to see if she was near, she said she was just 5 minutes away. When she arrived, she actually came walking, which was suspicious and made Asaf pay more attention to her (because she said, previously, that she was stuck in traffic). Then, she asked Galon to sign a form without a company logo and without any address, however, she showed him a real-looking tenancy agreement. The woman seemed very stressed and it started to be clear she was trying to trick him. Even though, he decided to open the door for her because it was important to have a proof that she was trespassing. He acted vigilant and responsible in the situation. If he wouldn’t have done what he did, she would have called another locksmith, and found another fraud victim. He has had this type of experience before, because that woman belongs to a group of con artists operating in North London. Their modus operandi is to find empty properties, call a locksmith, change the lock and then try to rent it to people with very high deposit rates. And, after they’re done defrauding unsuspecting peple, these fake estate agents disappear. That’s why he adds the human aspect to the business, to make sure people feel safe in their homes. He advises heads of families on a daily basis, about security measures that will be able to protect them and their loved ones. Because the owner of this small business believes that, as a locksmith, you have to be honest, reliable, and use the best and the most quality materials for the job. Also, arriving within 30 minutes after a call is what he tries hard to do, most of the time, to give his customers peace of mind (and also, to help with the locks). A 24/7 Locksmith’s day can be a little crazy, but Galon has the satisfaction of knowing he provides a most-needed service to everyone who requires it. And the stories he has to tell are proof of his complete and undivided dedication to his job, one that never ceases to amaze his London clients.


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