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The most common reason for customers calling us at UK Locksmiths is to gain entry to their premises. Why? Because they’ve lost their keys! Let’s be fair, we’ve all done it, haven’t we? We’ve all lost a set of keys at some point, walking down a London street, at work, or on a night out. Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to have a family member with you who has another set, or perhaps a trustworthy neighbour keeps a key in case of emergencies, but the truth is that in most instances you either have to break in to your own property, or call out a talented locksmith.
Of course, at UK Locksmiths, we run London’s most reliable 24 hour locksmith call out service, but perhaps you are looking for a long term solution. Something which can avert these mishaps.
The answer might just be a digital lock installation.
What is a Digital Lock?
A digital lock replaces a traditional key lock with an electronic mechanism which lets you access your premises.
Digital locks can include:
• Keypad: The simplest type of digital lock with up to 40,000 possible combinations. Just enter your selected numerical password and gain entry immediately. No keys, no fuss.
• Finger Print Scans: Allowing only specific individuals to gain access to a lock or premises by using their finger print as identification.
• Smartphone Use: Access your digital lock through your iPhone, Android, or other NFC enabled smartphones.
• Retina Scans: Gain access to a room, safe, or property via a mechanism which scans your retina (the inside of your eyeball) to identify you. Sounds like science fiction, doesn’t it? But these digital locks exist, and are becoming more affordable with each passing year.
A variety of locks can be attached to these devices, but most are either electronic digital (no physical buttons etc.) or mechanical digital (actual physical mechanisms) in nature. At UK Locksmiths we can offer you our expert advice on both installation and maintenance of any type of digital lock. That’s why we are the number one digital lock locksmith in London.
Why Would I Need One?
There are a huge number of advantages to having a digital lock installed, including:
• Safer: Digital locks are more difficult to circumvent. A physical lock can be more easily undermined by burglars. The very nature of a digital lock means that, unless someone knows the code, it is very difficult for someone to gain access unlawfully.
• No Keys!: Yes, you can throw away your keys. You no longer need to carry them around with you, or worry about losing them. As long as you know your code, then you will be fine.
• Cheaper in the Long-term: If you worry that your key has fallen into the wrong hands, then you have to pay for an entire lock refit. With a digital lock, this need not be a concern. You can simply change the combination and have complete peace of mind.
• Sleek: If you are interested in creating a contemporary and impressive look to your home or business, a digital lock can add a brilliant finishing touch. They are modern, reliable, and let’s face it – pretty cool.
A digital lock is a great option for any property owner. Whether you are looking to secure a single room, or an entire home, a digital lock will provide you with the security you desire.
Contact us today, and our expert London locksmiths will help select the perfect digital lock for you.


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