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Why you can’t shut the door on burglary by simply locking up


No one really wants to dwell on the possibility of a break-in. But ignore this risk at your own peril. Whether we like it or not, burglary remains a distinct and very unpleasant possibility. This is especially true for those living in London, where the crime rate has been slower to decline than in the rest of the country.

Last year London’s Metropolitan Police reported 56,983 domestic burglaries (from November 2012 to November 2013). Given the city’s population of around 8.3 million, this amounts to one break-in for every 146 people. But given that most people share housing with others, the probability of being affected by a break-in is actually considerably higher.

Government projections put the number of households in 2013 at around 3,383,918. When weighed against the number of domestic forced entries, one can deduce that roughly one in every 60 residences were broken into in 2013. Whilst these are rough calculations, they still paint quite a harrowing picture.

We might feel we are safe behind locked doors, but clearly a very large number of us are not. So how can you avoid becoming a proverbial statistic? Whilst criminals certainly possess a certain set of skills that enable them to negotiate home security measures, they are above all opportunists. A burglar on the prowl is far more likely to target a home it can easily access than wrestle with a deadlock or break through toughened glass.

By making just a few adjustments you can make turn your home into a far less attractive target. Though it may seem quite obvious, the single most important step you can take is to ensure the entrances to your home are properly secured. Woefully, just having a lock on your door is usually not enough to get the message across that intruders are unwelcome.

The London Metropolitan Police recommend a 5 lever mortice deadlock in addition to a rim latch. The door and frame also need to provide considerable resistance to forced entry. Even with these measures in place, you will need to keep track of the age of your locks and doors. Entrances and locks that are visibly old may signal to criminals that your security is similarly out-dated.

Thankfully updating locks need not be a tedious affair. We will advise you on the latest and most reliable locks for your home and will install them with minimal damage to your existing doors and frames, leaving you with a formidable, crime-deterring entrance.

The awful reality of a burglary is that it goes far beyond the inconvenience of the loss of property. The sentimental attachment we have to many of our items usually far exceeds their monetary value, making them entirely irreplaceable and escalating the overall loss way beyond anything a spreadsheet can tally. Even more despairingly, a forced entry can leave you feeling vulnerable and may prey on your mind for years after. The potential repercussions should make sparing a few minutes and pounds on the security of your home an obvious and non-negotiable long-term investment.


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