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Common Sense Approaches to Home and Business Security

Switch on burglar alarms when you leave the house!

There are plenty of good security products to implement to protect your business or home from burglary, but arguably just as effective is common sense.  If you regularly go out without switching on the burglar alarm, this article is for you.


Always ensure windows are locked and burglar alarms are switched on when you leave the house

Switch on the burglar alarm

The burglar alarm offers a good deterrent providing you switch it on.  When it is switched off it is useless.  When you leave the house try and get into the routine of switching on the alarm.  It is effective this way.

Should on one occasion you leave the house and you forget to switch it on do not despair.  If you have an alarm box visible to the outside world your deterrent is still in place which is important.  Also, some burglar alarms have apps allowing you to switch them on and off, or if your house is regulated by a control centre, you should be able to call them and ask them to switch on the alarm remotely.

Always lock your windows and doors

Although we’re normally pretty good at locking our front and back doors, we’re not so good at locking our windows.  Often this can and does lead to burglary.  A good habit to get into is to ensure you only unlock the windows you need to ventilate the house and leave the others locked.

The other aspect we often see is that we might leave a window open we feel is accessible, say the top floor bathroom window.  This to, is a mistake.

Replace worn and damaged locks

Overtime locks degrade, and if your locks are becoming stiff, difficult to lock and unlock, or just not working as well as they used to it is time to call a locksmith to sort out the problem.  Locks are an important line of defence against burglary, so common sense dictates they need to be in good working order.


The golden rule about vehicles is never to leave the engine running when you are not in the vehicle, and never leave keys in the vehicle overnight.  The latter has caused many vehicles to disappear overnight from business premises up and down the country.  Especially in London and the M25 area.  Always ensure the keys are locked away securely, and the door to the building is locked too.

While leaving a vehicle to defrost while you get ready for work is a big no-no.  Frost-jacking is becoming all too common today.

Security in the garden or outside of the premises

If you regularly leave outbuildings unlocked, ladders loose, and other burglar friendly equipment to hand, you could well find that burglars will use this equipment to break-in.  In fact you’re making it easy for them.  It is important that you adopt the same security measures outside your business or home as you do inside it.

What is the best way to secure my home or business from burglars?

As well as common sense using a fully qualified locksmith to help you make key decisions and to service and repair your locks are a good place to start.  A good locksmith can ensure your locks, safes, padlocks, lights, and key systems are working to optimum level and meet kite marks and standards.

How do I improve my home and business security?

The best way is to call me on 0800 193 1123 or 020 3540 7878.  Or click here and send me a message.  We can then arrange a mutually convenient time for me to come to your business or home and look at your security arrangements and improve them.


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