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Five tips for not losing your keys

People losing their keys is the single most common reason we’re called out as 24 hour London Locksmiths. Whether it’s in the middle of the night or during rush hour, at UK Locksmiths we’ve bailed hundreds of desperate Londoners  who found themselves on the wrong side of their doors. It’s something we do quickly and effectively.

As a result, we have lots of advice on our blog on what to do when you get locked out. What we don’t have, are tips on how to prevent that from happening in the first place.

It may seem as though telling you not to lose your keys and thus not to get locked out, is not exactly in our best interest since we get a lot of business from this sort of thing. But we’d like to think that the money you save on not having to call out your local locksmith to get you into your premises, you’ll invest in upgrading your security instead. After all, one in 50 households in the UK are burgled every year. In 73% of all burglaries they get in through the front door. That’s good enough reason to reevaluate your security!

Below are our favourite tips for not losing your keys:

1. Have a key (and wallet) dropzone in your house.

Probably the most common reason people lose their keys (and wallet and other odds and ends) is because they end up in utterly random, nonsensical places. How many times have you just not thought to look in the refrigerator because: “They couldn’t possibly be there!”

But sometimes they are. Perhaps because you were dying for a swig of milk when you came home and just went straight for the the fridge… If you had a key dropzone (say a bowl on a table) where your keys permanently live, this wouldn’t happen. But take care not to position your zone where it is easily accessible from the entrance.

2. Designate a specific pocket for your keys.

How often have you dug endlessly in your pockets or handbag looking for your keys? If you make a habit of always keeping your keys in your left/right trouser pocket or a particular section in your handbag, you’d have a far easier time quickly checking whether you’ve actually packed your keys.

3. The carabiner clip is your friend.  

They may look a bit dorky when clipped to your belt loop, but carabiner clips are a great way of ensuring things stay where you put them. If rock climbers rely on them, so can (and should) you.

4. Get a gadget.

Key finders can be great for locating your keys in a small-ish space like your own home. But if you’ve left them at your mate’s house, they won’t be much help.

5. Keep keys at a neighbour’s.

It’s an easy one, but a good old steadfast solution. Ask a neighbour or friend who lives close by to keep a copy of your keys.

Hopefully the next time we’ll hear from you will be to upgrade your home security, install a safe or intruder alarm. But if all else fails, you can always get a digital lock.



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