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Installing a Safe in London

Having a safe installed in your home or business property might sound like something straight out of a movie, but it is in fact a very effective way to protect your valuables. It isn’t just for the rich and famous, but a really practical option for homeowners and businesses alike. If you are considering having a safe in your property, then you will want to ensure that the installation is carried out by an expert safe installer. Likewise, if you need access to your safe contents should there be a problem, then you will also want to find the best safe locksmith in London.

Why a Safe?

Having a safe installed can give you real peace of mind, delivering to you that extra level of security you need for your valued possessions, documents, and savings.

Practical reasons for installing a safe, include:


1.     Flood and Fire Protection: When you think of a safe, you immediately think of somewhere to secure documents, jewelery, or money. One benefit that many overlook is in flood and fire protection. A safe will provide a substantial defence against both flame and water. Many safes are installed off the floor, nested inside of a non load-bearing wall, which increases the chances of your belongings staying dry in the event of a flood. Likewise, a good safe is normally airtight, which should protect it from fire and smoke damage.

2.     For Professionals: If your work involves the protection of sensitive materials such as legal documents, then a safe is a fantastic way to offer your clients even more security. It can also be used to house employment details, passports, and other information you feel needs to be held securely.

3.     Digital Protection: A safe is a great place to store digital materials safely including personal documents and a backup of family photographs. It is common for owners to place USB drives, hard drives, and even small tablets or phones in their safes when away from their property.

4.     Money: Whether it is for work or just for peace of mind, a safe allows you to store larger amounts of money on your property without fear of theft.

5.     Sentimentality: Let’s face it, not all belongings are simply valuable from a monetary perspective. Some belongings are just too precious due to their sentimental worth – medals, keepsakes, letters from relatives, all of these will be much more secure when stored in a safe.

What if I Can’t Unlock My Safe?

If you lose your combination or safe key, our highly trained London locksmiths will happily assist you in gaining entry when proof of ownership is shown.

Which Safe?

Now that we’ve established why a safe is a good idea, which type should you go for? The range of safes available can be overwhelming, especially to those unfamiliar with current models. That’s why at UK Locksmith we are here to advise our customers on the best options for them. There is really no better way to assess which safe is right for you than having a London safe expert take a look at where you are hoping to install the safe, and what type of storage you will be requiring.

Contact us today and let us choose the perfect safe for you.


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