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Key to Not Lose Your Keys


Losing your house, office or even car keys can be a very traumatising experience. You lose precious time trying to remember where you might have placed them and you may even keep retracing your steps physically. This could really ruin your day especially if you are already late for that important business meeting or that eagerly awaited dinner date. If you are a victim of losing your keys quite often, simply follow these guidelines to prevent it from happening again:

One of the easiest ways to keep your keys in sight is by pounding a carpenter nail into the wall right next to the door. This way, you can place your keys there immediately you walk into your home and pick them right before you walk out the door. This will also prevent you from carrying them around the house when preparing to leave as you can place them anywhere in the process and forget them easily. Since they will be right by the door, you do not need to think about them until the time you finally open that door.

Always have a specific spot for certain keys. For instance, if you usually place your car keys on that side table in the holloway, let that be the permanent spot for them. This will train you to place your keys in the same place every time and prevent any cases of misplacement.

If possible, try to avoid keeping keys in your purse, pockets or coats. Those are places that are very easy to forget about especially if you already have a certain spot where you keep the keys. It is very frustrating going through your purse or trying to remember which coat you put them in. Besides that, when you place your keys in a spot where you cannot see them, you will automatically believe they are lost when in actual sense they are not. Unless you have a specific coat or purse where you keep your keys, try not to put them in unfamiliar places.

If you share keys with anyone else around the house or office, make sure they know the common spot on which to always leave them. If you usually place them on the kitchen counter, then someone accidentally leaves them on the couch and you end up having a fierce fight over “lost keys”. It is your duty to inform everyone where to place the keys after they are done with them.

For special keys such as those of storage areas like drawers and cabinets or even car keys, you can fix them on a bright key chain or even a glow-in–the-dark neon chain. They are easy to find due to their brightness and glowing properties for finding in the dark. These chains will save you a lot of time when looking for your keys because you have something to identify them with.

If you follow these tips you could save yourself a lot of trouble and agony that comes with losing keys. You can also call us at 0800 193 1123. We’re available 24 hours in the London area (in case of emergencies) and can get to you in less than 30 minutes.


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