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What do I do if I lock myself out of my Car?

Who do I call if I lock my car keys in the car?

Although difficult, it is still possible to lock your car keys in your car.  Despite the safeguards car manufacturers have built into their designs, locking yourself out of your vehicle is still surprisingly easy.


Locking your car keys in your vehicle is a surprisingly easy thing to do

In our experience, we find that it normally happens when you have a lot of things going on around you.  For example, you’ve got your keys in the ignition and the phone rings inside your house.  You quickly exit your vehicle slam the door and they lock.  Another scenario that often happens is that you are keeping an eye on young children and the next thing you know the doors of your car have locked with the keys inside.

These scenarios are more common than you might expect, so what do I do if I lock my keys in my car?

Call an Auto Locksmith to Open your Car Door

Should you be unfortunate enough to have locked yourself out of your car, the best thing to do would be to call a locksmith.  In the locksmith field there is a specialist part of the industry which concentrates on getting into vehicles which have been locked with the keys inside them.  Locksmiths which handle vehicles are called auto locksmith.  Most good London and M25 based locksmiths will have auto locksmith skills as a service.

Don’t Make the Auto Locksmith Call the Last Resort

We often find that by the time you have picked up the phone and called us, you have already tried several methods to get back into the car.  Obviously, we all want to save money, but such is security on most cars, the old methods like using coat hangers simply no longer work.  Often, all this does is to cause damage to the paintwork.  We can assure you the cost of a re-spraying your car, far outstrips the cost of using our services.

Moreover, if you leave the paintwork as it is, you will simply be inviting rust to come and destroy your car over time.  Therefore, if you are really locked out of your car it makes far more financial sense to call an auto locksmith than to try methods which will fail.

Lost car Key Services

The other aspect where an auto locksmith is invaluable is replacing lost car keys, or reprogramming them should they have been stolen.  This service is highly specialised as there are a lot of factors involved.  Nonetheless, if you need replacement car keys for whatever reason, again call us first.

Do not be too hard on yourself if you lock your keys in your car

If you feel a little foolish for losing your car keys or locking them in your vehicle try not to feel too bad.  According to the AA, 119,907 people called them out because they had lost their car keys or they had locked them in their vehicle in 2008.

It is very easy to do.

If you have locked yourself out of your car  in the London or M25 area, call us now on: 020 7101 9992

Source:  AA


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