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Prevent a Break-in With Digital Locks and Access Control

Access control and digital locks give safe entry around your business premises to authorised people. These locks include electronic keypads, biometric systems and numeric code locks.

The greatest advantage of digital locks and access control systems is that they do not use the cumbersome conventional key that gets lost often or requires copies all the time. Access control actually simplifies movement around your facility since all authorised personnel have the necessary codes or cards required to move in and out of different rooms.

Should YOU Get Digital Locks And Access Control Systems?

Before you get access control systems you first need to determine why you need them. The main reason for this system is usually to keep out unauthorized individuals from going into certain areas of a building.

Another reason is to keep track of your employees’ movements. You should also determine the level of security for the system you want installed. Some come with a basic keypad where a card is simply swiped. Others are more sophisticated and may require thumbprints or facial recognition to gain access.

How These Systems Can Help Prevent A Break-In

As much as these security systems are much safer than our conventional key, it is still possible to experience a break in. These digital locks are run by computers and therefore it is very easy for any hacker to crack access codes or a highly experienced thief to dust a keypad with invisible UV powder which reveals the pattern of numbers entered.

You should definitely know what to do to prevent any break in within your facility if you have installed digital locks and access control.

  • If you think the access codes have been compromised it is highly advisable to change them immediately. This is necessary for instance if one of your employees leaves the company. In the event that one needs to get access to a certain room for only a short period of time, you can provide them with a temporary access code that will be automatically disabled at a certain time.
  • You can have your access control system set in a way that it locks down after three failed attempts to access the room. This will greatly reduce the probability of guessing the right code.
  • You can also opt to have a scramble pad which works by rearranging the numbers on the keypad every time someone has keyed in the right code and accessed the room. This can solve the problem of the invisible UV powder because the specific pattern of the code cannot be traced.
  • The most important thing to do to protect yourself and your premises is to be two steps ahead at all times. As much as security locks are becoming more sophisticated, professional criminals are also keeping up and learning these systems fast with every passing day.

How Much Do Digital Locks and Access Control Systems Cost?

Digital locks and access control may cost much more than the traditional locks and keys but they have a higher level of security and come with more benefits. That is why they are being taken up gradually by many small business owners as well as home owners.

Still, you should contact your locksmith if you wish to know more about digital locks and access control systems. UK Locksmiths will help you with the installation and the maintenance if you live in the London area.

Call us at 0800 193 1123. We’re available 24 hours, and can help you in case of emergencies. We’ll gladly get to your house in less than 30 minutes, to help you improve the security on your home.



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