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How safe is your front door?

The vast majority of the nearly half a million domestic burglaries that occur annually are through the front door.  This is according to the 2012/2013 Crime Survey for England and Wales. Of all recorded break-ins during that period, 73% were through the front door, and in 29% of all forced entries the burglars got in by breaking the lock.

Yet despite this, the same figures report that nearly half of us (44%) think our homes are already as safe as they can be whilst 20% of us simply don’t think we’re at risk.

So how safe are you really? It could be time to call in your local locksmith to see whether your home security is sufficiently thorough and to check if your locks are resilient enough to withstand an attempted intrusion.

Invest in truly resilient locks.

It might seem to do a pretty good job locking your door, but a rim latch (Yale type) lock on its own will not offer you enough security. The London Met suggest having at least an additional 5 lever mortice deadlock. Check to ensure it’s British Standard 3621.

Ensure your door frame is intruder proof.

Even the strongest locks are only as good as the doors and door frames they are connected to. Ensure your door and frame are both robust and of solid construction.

You may also want to consider adding reinforcement to the door and frame. A London bar security strip is a steel reinforcer that is fitted to the lock-side of the door frame to prevent the door from being kicked-in. To prevent a similar fate befalling the hinge-side of the door, locksmiths often fit an additional Birmingham bar in tandem with the London bar to reinforce the hinged side.

Secure any glazed door and entrance panels.

The front entrance of a home is often embellished with decorative touches. These could present potential weak spots for intruders to gain entry. Particularly, many front doors have glazed panels which are easily smashed. Consider replacing those with toughened glass or remove the glass entirely.

Check that nothing other than letters can get through your letterbox.

Despite email being far more prevalent than traditional snail mail these days, we all still need our letterboxes. Though they seem far too small to pose a security threat, the seasoned criminal can exploit your letterboxes in a number of ways.

Ensure your letterbox is fitted as far away from the lock as possible. There have been many cases in which a burglar was able to open a door by using a tool to reach through the slot. This is another good reason not to rely on a simple rim latch lock which is effortlessly released from the inside.

Also check to see that none of your valuables (wallet, purse, car keys) are within easy reach of the front door to prevent them being fished out through your mailbox.

We hope these few tips will help prevent you from becoming part of that unfortunate statistic. But if you’re still in any doubt about the effectiveness of your home security, why not give UK Locksmiths a call?


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