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The Worst End to a Working Day….

If it has not happened to you then you are indeed a lucky person.  As you get closer to your front door after a hard day at work you get a sinking feeling.  Hands desperately search pockets and bags multiple times; eyes scan the pavement behind you as if some sort of concrete thief has risen up and pick pocketed you.  Eventually the realisation comes…..


As you call the office hoping that someone picks up.  They do. Thank the lord.

But no sign of your keys anywhere.

Now the situation has got desperate, the keys are not in the office nor are they in your pockets, nor are they in the hands of this fictitious concrete thief.  The only logical conclusion is that they will not be magically making their way back into your possession before bed time.  So what are your options?

Obviously if you have got this far then you didn’t leave a spare key with your neighbours and you didn’t bury one in the garden!  You could try to break in either with brute force and ignorance or by trying to pick the lock like they do in films…..neither of which is advisable.  The last thing you want to do is go from having to be let in by a locksmith to needing the whole lock replaced or worse yet the frame replaced after your failed attempt to break down the door.  But fear not! After a short but amusing story, UK Locksmiths are here to shamelessly plug themselves.  Funny that.  But seriously, do not try to break through your door.  It really is not worth it.  A broken frame and lock will cost significantly more than a simple call out – and it doesn’t matter where you are in London.  You can be in Harrow or in West Hampstead, you could need a locksmith in Camden Town, UK Locksmiths will be at your door faster than anyone else!  With multiple call out centres we pride ourselves in reducing the amount of time that our clients spend sitting on their front door steps….hopefully NOT in the rain.

So even though you will initially feel like ripping out some hair or even dropping to your knees and screaming skywards, rest assured that there is a solution.  Us!


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